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Promotion and maintenance of diverse teaching at the EMAU of Greifswald


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The intended restructuring of the philosophical faculty (Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Univercity of Greifswald) will make it impossible to represent and promote the cultures of the baltic and slavic countries to the fullest. Especially the small colleges, such as the baltistik or slavistic, will be affected.
We believe that neither restructuring nor cutting the staff will bring the univercity closer to the esteemed image, but the promotion and the maintenance of divercity in teaching and research. Such as the baltic and slavic studies.


Greifswald is the last university in germany where one can study baltistics. But if the new restructuring concept (from 27.05.2015.) is adopted, this will no longer be possible.

In light of the crisis in the Ukraine there is already a shortage of experts for East Europe. Most of institues were closed after the end of the Eastern Bloc. There is hardly a reporter who can speak ukranian. At best they can speak russian.

In the name of all signers.

greifswald, 16 Jun 2015 (aktiv bis 13 Jul 2015)

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CONTRA: What's a 'philosophical faculty'? A faculty of Arts and Humanities!

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