Introducing 'Mental Health Week' in schools

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The goal of this petition is to bring awareness and educate teachers and pupils alike on mental health and the importance of it in one's life. This could be done with the help of mental health professionals in educational settings, presentations, discussions and gamification of such activities.


Everyone knows the importance of physical health, but mental health is almost a taboo topic and subject of prejudice, despite the fact that is essential in all aspects of life, but is less visible.
It is never too early to learn about mental health, and what better environment to learn than school? Therefore, I advocate for the introduction of a mental health week education in school, as the first step to eliminate the prejudice and increase awareness on the importance of mental health, promotion, prevention, build resilience and maintenance of mental health.
World Health Organization states that "Mental health is a basic human right. And it is crucial to personal, community and socio-economic development." (

Suicide prevention is a global priority and included in the Sustainable Development Goals, as Target 3.4. This is a first step towards it is mental health education for all at all ages, especially for adolescents and be ready for early intervention. If promoting child and adolescent mental health is another global priority, implementing mental health programmes in schools should materialize ASAP.
Including mental health education in the European Commission concrete actions would help the matter to become reality.

Thank you for your support, Tudor Andrei Filip from Athens
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