People around the world ask NATO to close the airspace over Ukraine

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We, people around the world, are asking NATO member states and Ukraine-friendly countries to close the airspace over Ukraine and deploy peacekeeping troops in Ukraine, provide military assistance to Kyiv and support the Ukrainian people.


On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale war with Ukraine


  • Dear friends,
    Thank you to everyone who supported Ukraine and signed the petition. Unfortunately, to date, NATO leaders have made it clear that they will not close the airspace over Ukraine, thus showing their helplessness and fear. Fear of a nuclear war? But they have no fear of a nuclear catastrophe that could be caused by Russia's unguided missiles at a nuclear power plant. Terrorism and genocide of the Ukrainian people continue to this moment, but the leaders of the strongest countries show their weakness and demonstrate that they lack unity, because at the moment no planes, tanks or air defense and nothing promised have been handed over to Ukrainian soldiers. We thank all the countries and all the nations that support Ukraine and... toliau

  • Good afternoon, friends.
    The devastating war in Ukraine continues, during which the world is getting closer to catastrophe, especially in the field of nuclear energy. Unfortunately, NATO has shown its indecision in defending Ukraine as a country with 6 nuclear power plants, but we do not give up and continue to repeat: CLOSE AIRSPACE OVER UKRAINE.
    European politicians are still unable to make decisive decisions to stop doing business with Russia, which prevents sanctions from working to stop the genocide of the Ukrainian people and prevent a possible nuclear catastrophe. Our friends from Austria have initiated a petition to the Committee on Petitions (Petitionsausschuß) to stop Nord Stream 1 toliau

  • ENG
    Dear friends,
    so far there has been no reaction from any NATO representatives.
    An extraordinary NATO summit will take place on 24 March in Brussels.
    I am asking those who are against the genocide of the Ukrainian nation, who are in Brussels or have the opportunity to get there on March 24 to organize a rally in support of the closure of the airspace over Ukraine under NATO headquarters.
    Hungary will block any decision to help Ukraine, and we need to make every effort to save Ukraine and prevent a war in Europe. We can change the course of history and stop the 3rd world by stopping the war in Ukraine!

    Дорогі друзі,
    на даний момент ніякої реакції з боку будь яких представників НАТО не було.
    24 березня у Брюсселі в штаб-квартирі відбудеться... toliau


Я- українець. Я Люблю свою землю. Я не розумію, чому чужинці відбирають мою землю, синє мирне небо над нашими головами. Тому я, як і всі мої рідні будемо захищати свою Землю до кінця. Небо стало чорним від ворожої авііції. Допоможіть нам повернути синє небо та мирне життя.

Schon 1 Million Unterschriften für den 3. Weltkrieg? Weiter so!

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