Inimesed üle maailma paluvad, et NATO sulgeks Ukraina õhuruumi.

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Meie, inimesed ümber maailma, küsime NATO liikmetelt ja Ukrainat pooldavatelt riikidelt sulgeda Ukraina õhuruum ja viia rahuhoidvad sõdurid Ukrainasse, anda militaarset abi Kiievis ja toetada Ukrainlasi, nagu on tehtud Iisraelis.


24. Veebruaril, Venemaa deklareeris sõja Ukrainaga.

Thank you for your support, Erich Ginter from , Tallinn
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There are also many NATO countries citizens now in danger in Ukraine. It is NATO duty to prevent more deaths and suffering of civilians. I understand NATO arguments and respect positions, but I think it will bring humanitarian catastrophe. Ukrainians are brave, so should we be too. If we loose Ukraine to Putin, NATO will face Putin aggression anyway. Better to act now, before it will be harder. We need UN to vote for that question ASAP.

If the no-fly zone is implemented, that would mean BOTH sides would need to stop using aerial machinery. I highly doubt Ukrainians would want to lose their ability to destroy Russian tank/supply convoys with drones.

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