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Kratom is a plant with a long history of traditional use and over the past decade, powdered kratom leaves have entered European markets on a large scale, used by many to self-medicate, as a substitute for pharmaceutical opioids or for its mild stimulant, mood-enhancing or relaxing properties. Its popularity has unfortunately triggered regulatory attention from various authorities in Europe, leading to widespread control and even a ban in some European countries.

Kratom users, who often use the herb to self-medicate, are however not being considered, even though control measures can have serious implications for them (especially where criminal penalties are imposed) and will lead to further "criminalization" of this herb and its users.

The past decade a lot of research has become available, providing evidence on limited risks as well as the therapeutic benefits of kratom, this should result in further exploration but it doesn't merit the need for more control. We therefore ask the EU authorities to keep kratom legal within the EU and, in line with the WHO recommendations, monitor and evaluate, instead of taking steps to outright control this herb within the European markets.


In the last few years, Kratom usefulness is being recognized officially, leading for example to legalization of kratom by Thailand as a traditional medicine, several US States implementing the "Kratom Consumer Protection Acts" and an recent assessment by the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, underwrites its therapeutic uses for self-medicating as well as a traditional medicine. The WHO concluded even that there "is insufficient evidence to recommend a critical review of kratom".1

Regardless of these international conclusions, legislation for kratom in European countries has gone in all thinkable directions. From outright bans as scheduled substance (For example Denmark 2009, Poland 2009, Estonia 2015, Luxembourg 2015), to labeling the herb as an illegal New Psychoactive Substance (NPS) (For example in Portugal 2013, France 2020), other countries try to control kratom by labeling it as a medication (Iceland, Finland) or simply as "not suitable for human consumption" (Germany). We have recently learned that both Belgium (FOD) and the Netherlands (NVWA) are trying to regulate it by using the European "Novel Food" directive, in an effort to prohibit imports and sales.

Most nations label kratom a public health danger, often based on unsubstantiated reports and assumptions. Long term traditional usage has clearly shown the safety of kratom, and even the kratom incident reports collected till now, show that there have been only two deaths (one in North America, one in Europe) where kratom was the only substance involved.2

Banning kratom has serious implications for its users and the market and it would undermine the chance to regulate kratom from a public health perspective. We have seen enough errors with psychiative plant scheduling in the past and there is no reason to repeat this for kratom. 

Kratom has shown promising therapeutic uses, which outweigh the health risks completely, but without a working legal framework, without decent evaluations and without proper regulation for the consumers, this natural gift to mankind will be wasted in Europe. We therefore ask the European authorities involved to stop further criminalization, and follow the recommendations that were issued by the WHO.




WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, Pre-Review Report: Kratom (Mytragyna speciosa), mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine, op. cit., Annex 1, pp. 59-60.

Thank you for your support, Hubert Catharinus Goossens from Loosdrecht
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Many people prefer Kratom over pharma painkillers which have much more impact on the health and psychological well being. For many it is the best option available. I know that many people would switch to the black market and would consume stuff which is way worse! Please keep in mind we are going to legalize Cannabis all over the globe. Prohibition never worked and we all know it. Prohibiting this relatively safe product will destroy many lifes. We all know who is responsible for this!

I was a few years from Kratom addicted. It got also other health problems like kidney stones. Kratom is advertised as a natrual safe and non addictive plant. But this is not true.

Why people sign

8 hours ago

Because prohibition will matter worse. Kratom is not dangerous, especially considering the dangers of Alcohol. I use Kratom when I go out when other people drink alcohol and I don't have any hangover or feel bad the next day, no, I can go to the gym and exercise while my friends have to recover. Each to their own. Kratom is a sacred plant with many benefits, when used correctly. Do not make it illegal, as many more people will have to switch to something else and when there is no other alternative, then people will switch to opiates or other more detrimental substances. It just wouldn't make sense. Prohibition of Kratom would be ridiculous, in particular now that it is legalized in Thailand. Just don't go backwards, please move forwards and regulate it like cannabis. We need market control, not to hike prices, but to ensure high quality products which are safe for human consumption. Products that are tested for particles or harmful substances like pesticides or heavy metals. This would be something very desireable. But I promise you, make it illegal and you make the life of many more people worse. I was able to get off opiates with Kratom and I am NOT addicted to Kratom. I don't have to drink alcohol. Kratom doesn't interfere with my work, with exercises or any other part of my life. That's fore sure.

8 hours ago

Durch eine Delegalisierung würden unzählige Menschen, die Kratom erfolgreich gegen verschiedene Leiden einsetzen mit einem mal kriminalisiert.

23 hours ago

Es gibt bis dato nichts, dass mir mit meinen Schmerzen und Psychischen Problemen helfen kann, ohne mich gleichzeitig zu benebeln oder einen starken Effekt zu haben der mich im Alltag einschränkt. Mit Kratom habe ich eine funktionierende Medizin gegen meine Psychischen Störungen unter anderem Shizophrenie und Bipolarer Störung, ohne mich zu benebeln oder einzuschränken. Es wäre wirklich schlimm für mich, wieder andere Dinge versuchen zu müssen, die weniger erforscht und deutlich schädlicher sind und mich womöglich sogar gefährden könnten. Bitte macht und Menschen das leben nicht schwer.

8 days ago

Kratom ist ein gutes Hausmittel diversere Krankheiten selber zu behandeln und das ohne Chemie

8 days ago

Becaise I need a natural painkiller and nothing else seems to work.

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