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These initiatives violate our Terms of Use. The initiators have not submitted a revised version within the set deadline. For reasons of transparency, the reason for the suspension and the text of the initiative remain visible. You can protest the closing of a petition.

  • Café Alegria Openen

    Reason for blocking:

    Petitions with direct or indirect advertising for own products, services or parties will be terminated. Petitions with direct or indirect advertising for parties are admissible if the party has launched the petition itself. Petitions that are launched by sympathisers or members of a party and contain direct or indirect advertising for parties are not admissible.

    De petitie is alleen gebaseerd op zelfpromotie en is daarom onderbroken.

  • Petitions in other countries/EU in the national language

  • Stop de propagandacampagnes in India en leg het gebruik van nep-ngo's tegen andere landen bloot

    Reason for blocking:

    Petitions with false factual claims, missing sources or with misleading embezzlement of relevant facts are ended. openPetition reserves the right to subsequently request sources in controversial cases or to have essential facts supplemented.

    Please provide sources for the following statements: "Through a clandestine network of online news outlets, fake NGOs and phony websites, India has misled European institutions and its citizens through deliberate disinformation campaigns." "this deceitful network, its operator and affiliated online fake news platforms such as “EPtoday,” “EU Chronicles” and Asian News International (ANI) would send a strong message to the perpetrators and other actors involved propagating fake news and disinformation in the EU." "For fifteen years, India operated a network of online news outlets, NGOs and websites to spread fake news and false information at the UN and the EU to malign its adversaries, including Pakistan and China." "The network was organized and operated under the supervision of Ankit Srivastava through his India based Srivastava Group. The network’s operations in the EU and Geneva were controlled by Madi Sharma through her NGO Women’s Economic and Social Think Tank (WESTT). According to the EU DisinfoLab’s investigative report of December 9, 2020, online news outlets, including “EU Chronicles” and "EPtoday" operated fake news campaigns against Pakistan. ANI, which is the largest online new agency in India, amplified these fake news stories by feeding it to the mainstream Indian media. These online outlets impersonated to be the official EU media channels. "EPtoday" violated the ban imposed by the EU in 2019 and restarted its fake news operation under "EU Chronicles." India has exploited individual MEPs and used statements attributed to them as official position of the EU."

  • Open brief aan de premier voor bescherming van privacy and gegevensbescherming autoriteit

    Reason for blocking:

    Petitions must be written in the local language. You can create other language versions of the petition.

    Gebruik deze link om de petitie te ondertekenen:

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