We say: We want it differently! No war, no violence

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Secretary general António Guterres and the people of the world
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On the brink of a third world war, we speak out against a spiral of violence and for fundamental changes in our coexistence.

1. We want to live united and in security, mutual recognition and freedom of movement - in a world of people, not of governments. Governments wage wars that make people suffer. We strive towards building a society in which the self-determination of an individual and the well-being of all, as well as security and prosperity apply to everyone.

2. Therefore we are committed to banning the production of weapons. Violence should be outlawed, as should the means of exercising it. In a globally cooperating world, this is how we can get out of the spiral of violence. We, the people of the world, are committed to this.

3. The ongoing wars should be ended at once. They hurt people in the places directly affected and harm everyone. They also create an atmosphere of insecurity, hardening and discord elsewhere. Empowering people can end the wars.


The outbreak of a war in Europe and the threat of nuclear weapons shock us and threaten us all. At the moment, the signs indicate escalation and armament. We, the people of the world, want an immediate stop to war actions and fundamental changes in our living together, because the current order is vulnerable to threats to our security. We stand together and support the search after the new ways of coexistence, that are committed, respectful and non-violent.

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