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Appeal: Testament against the war!

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Everyone gets upset about the little polluter who dumps his garbage into nature. Against the managers and owners of companies that “earn” their luxury villas, luxury yachts, luxury jets, luxury housewives and luxury whores by exporting technology, software and hardware that are used to mass kill people - the protest is rather modest. But, folks, I tell you: all this will fall back on you or your children!

(Quote from Wolfgang J. Reus, journalist)

YES – if we do not say NO to war and all the stupid, dangerous lies, the disregard of international law and the provocations – we will end up in an unimaginable human disaster of a world war or possible nuclear war.

Say no to war!


Rulers of this World – we therefore demand with all the emphasis of you: STOP IT!

Do not provoke war - but focus all your energy on the dialogue to MAKE PEACE!


Thank you for your support

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