Public Parking in the Loupescht. Do we want that?

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211 supporters

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A car park in Loupescht means:

  • 114 places on 3 floors (blocking the view between schools and obscures surveillance of children),
  • loss of time through barriers, paying for tickets, driving up and down,
  • no more places for village feasts, no more opportunities for a cultural and intercultural meeting!


Unfortunately, at the Jongmëtt site, opportunity to create a concept for a nice village center integrating the old beautfil trees (Peppelen) has been missed. The idea was to have a site where:

  • village life could take place,

  • children with parents, teenagers and the elderly could find a place to meet. 
  • Instead, we were given an enclosed concrete large space.

The second missed opportunity to create a beautiful place was when the old “Rischette” house was demolished in front of the church.
Parking and Maison Relais, in and around Loupescht would definitely bury the last chance to create a great village center!
A parking lot was planned, underground or not, at the Jogmëtt site. What happened to that project? Too expensive? The « An der Loupescht » site is priceless for us! The Jongmëtt would be the ideal place for parkhous, in our opinion, because of its central location on the main road , with a direct connection to commerce, school, music school, culture, and public transport.
Also it offers better accessibility for the people from the neighboring villages, bringing them to the center but not in the kids area.

Thank you for your support, Lënster Biergerinitiativ a.s.b.l. from Junglinster
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  • Dear supporters of our petition against the multi-storey car park "An der Loupescht",

    Our commune ignored the voice of the 279 supporters of the petition against the multi-storey car park "An der Loupescht". This is why "Lënster Biergerinitiativ" was founded by a group of concerned citizens from the municipality of Junglinster.

    "Lënster Biergerinititativ" is not a political party, but a non-profit association which defends the interests of the inhabitants of the municipality.

    Join us to participate in the fight for a nice municipality:
    - without multi-storey car park “A Loupescht”,
    with reduced traffic in the school area,
    the safe play areas are promoted,
    - where la mobilité douce finds its place
    - where the historic center is protected,
    -... further

  • The list of signatures of the petition against multi-storey parking was handed in on 21.3.2022

    We asked to organize an information session for the general public. However, the council of aldermen does not agree with this approach. On the other hand, we were promised they will discuss the subject of multi-storey parking within the municipal council.

    We will continue to follow this topic firmly. The multi-storey car park project has too many contradictory points, in particular the question of its purpose: will it be a parking for the employees of the Commune of Junglinster or parking for the General Public?

  • We would like to let you know that on February 28th, 2022 we asked for an appointment with the municipal council to submit the petition.

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