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In Europe, a civil war takes place. A war supported by EU by means of money used by Ukraine not for the targeted aim but for acquiring anything to continue the war. The war in Donbass has to be stopped. This aim can only be achieved if Ukraine runs out the money for new war technics and military supplies.


Everyone of us can contribute to motivate the Europe Parliament deputies to listen to their conscience. The motivation of the demand can result from the own logic of thinking of every single person. On the linked site on Facebook anyone can find information necessary for taking a decision. We ask to spread this demand declared here as a petition by all possible ways.

In the name of all signers.

Arnstadt, 10 Nov 2014 (aktiv bis 09 Jan 2015)


Liebe Freunde, nach der Abgabe unserer Forderung in Berlin, blieb bis heute der Briefkasten leer. Es ist unglaublich, dass man nicht einmal eine Antwort erhält. Sofort, wenn Frau Merkel sich bequemt über irgendeinen kleinen Beamten zu antworten, werde ...

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