Maintenance of the Reprography Service on campus

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Maintenance of the Reprography Service on campus

Petition on the initiative of unions CFTC, SPIP, STRP-CGT, SPS and Synapce

Dear colleagues,

During the CSE session on November 23, we were notified by the Direction of the decision to close the Reprography Service, due to reduced needs from the campus.

We do not understand either the rationale or the alleged reason for this decision.

In 2015, the Direction decided to split the Image and Reprography services and to attach the Reprography to the Technical Services. Despite the ensuing difficulties, the Reprography Service successfully maintained the same volume of production and smooth functioning to meet the campus needs.

In December 2021, the non-replacement of an employee on leave for retirement, in the Reprography Service, imposed the outsourcing of part of the activity. Furthermore, the Direction’s refusal to repair or replace the poster printing machine is already forcing users to turn to an external service. Therefore, the decrease in the activity invoked by the Direction results from the directorial decisions that caused it.


Now the entire service is threatened with closure. Currently, this service, provided by a single employee, guarantees approximately a thousand annual requests (activity reports, theses, brochures, posters, flyers, seminar and conference announcements, maps, etc.). The campus’ needs are not decreasing, whether for students (PhD and Masters) who must print their reports urgently, scientists who need to print posters, or departments and divisions who need to publish written information materials in support of the strategic priorities defined by the Institut Pasteur itself.

This decision to deprive the campus of this facility is even more incomprehensible because it will result in increased costs for the requesting structures while allowances are not increasing and the cost of maintaining this activity is marginal for Institut Pasteur. As an indication, the cost of an in-house poster, including staff salaries, amounts to approximately 40 euros, i.e. 10 to 60 euros less than an external service of lower quality. Moreover, the proximity of the reprography activity, on campus, allows good reactivity with the staff who know the specific needs of the Institut Pasteur users. The Reprography Service can provide assistance and publishing advice in compliance with the graphic charter of the Institut Pasteur and guarantees a confidential edition of sensitive documents.

For these reasons, we are initiating the attached petition to the Direction, requesting cancellation of the decision to close this service and requesting sufficient human and technical resources to ensure the proper functioning of a quality Reprography Service adapted to the needs of the campus. You can share this petition with your colleagues!

The « Intersyndicale de l’Institut Pasteur »

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on 03 Jan 2023

Having the opportunity to print posters, flyers and more on campus makes life a lot easier for all, not only us scientists but also the administration, epole in charge of classes and other events hosted at Institut Pasteur and much more. It is a great convenience that we really appreciate!

on 30 Dec 2022

I may use the service from time to time for my work at Institut Pasteur, but -most importantly- as a former researcher I understand how useful it is to have such a function in-house for the hundreds of researchers of Institut Pasteur. Since my first day in this Institute I appreciated how well organized and autonomous it is and how it supported its researchers on all aspects of research; thus, I think that losing this service will be a big hit for the above.

on 21 Dec 2022

C'est un service de qualité !!!!
Sa réactivité est exemplaire durant ttes ces années!!!!
En allant faire appel à une Société externe cela engendre trop de perte de temps

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