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UPDATE: The Head of ESA Recruitment Service reached out to us to inform us that ESA is introducing a new system that will include information about the application status: "[...] please be informed that ESA introduced a new system beginning of this year which allows all candidates to follow the status of their application. It also allows ESA HR to notify each candidate of the outcome of their application. Therefore, as from now on, all candidates to ESA positions will be informed of the outcome of their application."

Since this is exactly what this petition was going for, there is no need for signatures anymore. Thank you very much to all who supported this, and even if it didn't make a difference, it is good to see that others shared our opinion! Thanks a lot to everybody!

The European Space Agency (ESA, is a supranational agency uniting its European member states in space research. Its Young Graduate Traineeship (YGT, program gives young applicants coming fresh out of university the opportunity to join ESA for a year and gain valuable experience in the space domain.

The yearly application process for the over 100 YGT positions is highly competitive and successful candidates will be invited to interviews. Whoever does not proceed to the interview round, however, will never get any notification at all. We believe that it would support the ESA community if every applicant would get a response, no matter how short or anonymous, and are petitioning for ESA to introduce rejection emails for the YGT program.


ESA is one of the major players in space exploration and the YGT program provides an amazing head start into a space career. Many of the applicants invest a large amount of time into their selections for future positions and into putting together their application profile, and ESA human resources is doing an amazing job in going through every single one of them.

We believe that, on one hand, turned down applicants deserve a notification about their rejection, considering the effort they put into their application. On the other hand, it would support people's perception about ESA being an institution that cares about the contribution motivated young people can give to them. We are sure that no technical barrier, like the big number of applicants or the creation of an anonymous template for rejection emails, will stop them from confirming the positive view we have about the integrity of the European Space Agency.

Thank you for your support

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