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Appeal Europe: Stand up now for fundamental values and human rights!

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All politicians and governments of the European countries and the European Union
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All politicians and governments are requested to implement and pursue following points:

  1. Appreciative communication at eye level to each conversation partner at any time. Emphatical presence against brutalisation of speech and creation of scapegoats.

  2. Liberty, equality and fraternity of ALL people on earth, according to the United Nations „Universal Declaration of Human Rights“.

  3. Appreciate diversity in Europe (culture, language, way of thinking, ...). Understand diversity as enrichment and larger potential on the contrary of uniformity.

  4. Protection of minorities in Europe and point up clear violations of minority rights.

  5. Strict commitment against each way of radicalism and forceful intervention if radicalism occurs.

  6. Human oriented regulations for economic systems and protection of the citizens against adversarial effects and promoting positive aspects like international exchange, creation of know-how and workplaces.

  7. Development and international implementation of possibilities for exercises of rights on a supranational level in use for all humans worldwide.

  8. Reduce the gap between poor and rich people in Europe and also worldwide, to guarantee a fair and peaceful togetherness.

  9. Clear commitment to freedom of science and teaching.

  10. A global pan-European appearance (and each European country itself, too) to act as role model and as guarantor for the execution of the values and concerns of this appeal.


This appeal serves the purpose to give all people a voice which want to vote for an equal, human and peaceful togetherness.

It is time to set a strong signal and illustrate that there is a large crowd across the European countries which stands up and fights for these values. Actually, the dividing and radicalising voices get predominance. So this appeal should act in opposition to this circumstance. All politicians and governments are requested to act accordingly to the values of this appeal across their daily business.

Thank you for your support

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