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Duvets should definitely be called Quilts.

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I want to change the name duvet to quilt. This is a matter of extreme importance and I think the government would be doubtless that my matter would pass through in seconds.


This is extremely important for a number of reasons. I am passionate about the matter.

  1. The name \\\'duvet\\\' seems like a luxury item, poorer familys will not even bother to take the time to walk to a shop to buy the luxury duvet, which could change their life. If it was called a quilt, it would seem like a must-have for all familys and they would take the time to buy one as it seems as a less expensive item.
  2. Everone knows it is easier to say quilt rather than duvet.
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This could change thousands if not millions of lives due to the new invigorated desire to get a quilt which they would not do if it was called duvet. This can help people in poverty, need and in utter helplessness. If your are decent, SIGN THIS NOW!

I cannot possibly think of an argument to this incredible petition. #upwithquilts

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cos people calling them duvets are silly


This is vital for the countries economy.


the person that started it is my cousin


This is vital. Absolutely vital. Without this, millions of innocent lives are at stake, freezing in the cold just because the so called "duvets" are too expensive. The public is at stake here, all must sign.


This is important to me because if I don't sign this petition (which I know is not school related) I will get bad luck so ... Go quilts yay!

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