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We come out with the following proposal:

During the martial law, allow men aged 18-60 to cross the state border of Ukraine upon condition that they make a financial contribution of 100 000 (one hundred thousand) hryvnias to the special account created for the needs of the military defense of Ukraine.

The reasons we suggest this price:

  1. This is the price for complete equipment for a soldier.💪
  2. This is the bribe amount people give to cross the border.🤬

👉This money better get to the Armed Forces of Ukraine fund than a corrupt official.


From the beginning of Russia's treacherous attack on Ukraine, every citizen stood up to defend their country.

Every person undertakes actions according to their knowledge and competence. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, Police, the Territorial Defence Forces, volunteer battalions are fighting in arms on the frontlines. Medical workers save the lives of our defenders and civilians 24/7. Volunteers deliver humanitarian aid and help people. Diplomats use their skills at international meetings and ensure protection from our partners. IT specialists counteract cyberattacks and make websites of government agencies and enemy propaganda resources go dark every day. Entrepreneurs pay their taxes to ensure the stability of the economy and the national currency, as well as access to consumer goods. Ordinary people provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with food, build roadblocks, and stop the enemy’s military hardware with bare hands. We can’t list everyone here, but the truth is that each person battles on their frontline. Ukrainians have never been as united as they are now!

The war is not only about fighting, it’s also about loss. Due to active hostilities, many civilians had to leave their homes, workplaces, and move to safer parts of Ukraine. However, they strive to be helpful and contribute to supporting our state's defense capacity. Unfortunately, the western region of Ukraine currently lacks places to locate internally displaced persons. Another humanitarian disaster is unfolding!

At the same time, according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine № 64/2022 "On the imposition of martial law in Ukraine", the Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine has banned all-male citizens 18-60 years old from leaving the country, although there are some exceptions. So on the one hand, there is the war in Ukraine, and it’s dangerous to return for those who have never held a gun. On the other hand, there is a prohibition to cross the border. In fact, a person gets cornered and has to stay in Western Ukraine.

It caused many men aged 18-60, who have no previous military experience and are unlikely to be helpful to the Forces, to stay in Ukraine. Anyway, their skills could be beneficial in other vital areas to contribute to our victory:

  • Work remotely, pay taxes to the budget of Ukraine, and finance the defense funds of Ukraine. It’s essential to support the economy to prevent a catastrophe after the war.
  • Collect and send medical aid and relief supplies, including food from abroad. Surges in demand have led to an urgent need for many goods in the country.
  • Help with the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees. Currently, more than 2 million people have fled Ukraine. Just imagine the scope of work volunteers of the neighboring countries face. 
  • Provide financial help to their families abroad. Often a husband accompanies his wife and children to the western borders of Ukraine, and then the financial burden falls on a woman. In fact, women who have children have fewer opportunities to work and keep a family.

Instead, Ukrainian men stay in Ukraine. They can’t return to their homes because of the lack of military experience or because their homes were destroyed. However, they can offer their skills and competence. In despair, many of them try to illegally bypass the existing laws and bribe the State Border Guard Service or Military Commissariat officials and corrupt facilitators.

The petition's authors would like to propose to legitimate and direct the money spent on bribes to the state and the army.

We come out with the following proposal:

During the martial law, allow men aged 18-60 to cross the state border of Ukraine upon condition that they make a financial contribution of 100 000 (one hundred thousand) hryvnias to the special account created for the needs of the military defense of Ukraine.

There is a reason we suggest this amount of money. The authors of the petition have been engaged in voluntary work to cover the needs of soldiers, and they know that 100 000 hryvnias allow providing the equipment for a Ukrainian soldier. 



  • Engage 100% of people and their potential in resisting the enemy.
  • Strengthen the economy. 
  • Сombat corruption.
Thank you for your support, Stepan Pantera from , Kyiv
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I think this is a good idea. I have health problems but I want to help our army with money.

It is a crime against humanity! It is a genocide. It is a murder! If Ukraine is a truly democratic and civilised society, it should not impose such sanctions on its people. SET UKRAINIAN MEN FREE!

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