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    at 02 Nov 2013 22:49

    Dear Signatories of our petition „Zadendiversiteit wordt bedreigd: Geen Europese regulering ten gunste van de zadenindustrie“ !

    Dank u wel!

    With some 1000 signatures at the end of the subscription period this midnight the response to the petition was pleasant. (all together we are nearly 150.000 supporters) Thanks to all who signed the petition! The maximum subscription period of six months is prescribed by the platform "openPetition" and can not be extended. We also thank openPetition for providing the platform!

    If anybody wants to invite friends and colleague to support the petition, you my point in the next days at the English/Spanish version here www.openpetition.de/petition/online/amenaza-a-la-diversidad-de-semillas-no-a-las-normas-europeas-en-beneficio-de-la-industria-semillera#googtrans(de%7Ces) or the Swedish/German version here: www.openpetition.de/petition/online/mngfalden-av-froeer-hotas-nej-till-eu-s-inskraenkande-regler-till-foermn-foer-utsaedesindustrin

    What is next ?

    The petition will be handed over in Brussels during the course of the legislative process. When there will be the right time for this, that depends on further course.

    So far, in the lead Agricultural Committee of the EU Parliament the rapporteur for seed legislation was set, it is Sergio Silvestris of the Italian PdL , a member of the EPP Group. He will write the report of the Committee on the proposed legislation to the House of Parliament. A draft for this is just available here: www.saatgutkampagne.org/PDF/Draft_Report_PRM.pdf There are also so-called shadow-rapporteurs of the other groups.

    A first debate on the bill has taken place on 30.9., here's a look back: www.seed-sovereignty.org/PDF/2013-10-10_NL_Europarlementariers_uiten_kritiek_op_de_nieuwe_Europese_zadenwetgevin.pdf . From the other groups came requests and criticism of the Commission proposal. In the end it will be important that the members of the EPP Group follow their conscience in the seed question and vividly interfere in the debate - and not bow to the party discipline, assumed to be set by Albert DESS from Bavaria, who is the coordinator of EPP group in the AGRI committee.

    The next steps are now: the second debate in the Agriculture Committee on November 25/26 2013 and the submission of amendments until December 4 2013. After this date these amendments will be debated and voted. The first debate in the House of Parliament is scheduled for mid April 2014.

    Besides this a working group of the Council of the EU currently meets on a monthly basis. There the member governments are represented, and they are preparing their position. If the results of the Parliament and Council are be different, a so-called "trialogue " between the EU Commission, Parliament and Council will be held.

    What can I do myself more ?

    a) Please keep yourself and others informed! May be you would like to watch and to screen our documentary “Veerkrachtig zaad” www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2gY_Ov0Vf0 or in English "Resilient Seed" www.youtube.com/watch?v=unsC2SGdMBU . You may pass this info on, read and distribute our brochure "Resilient Seed" www.saatgutkampagne.org/PDF/Resilient_Seed_EN_web.pdf or in German www.saatgutkampagne.org/PDF/Booklet_Saatgutfilm2011_web.pdf

    b ) You could discuss in local groups on seed legislation.

    c ) You may enter into conversation with EU parliamentarians: Write to MPs to which you have a geographic proximity www.europarl.europa.eu/committees/nl/agri/members.html#menuzone . Please describe to them why the diversity of seeds and farmers seeds is important to you and what you require for the new seed legislation. You may refer to the „joint statement on the proposal on legislation about plant reproductive material“, www.seed-sovereignty.org/PDF/joint_statement_seed_legislation_2013-06-12_web.pdf If you inform us of reactions, we can go into it.

    d) You could start or continue by yourself to save seeds. You may attend or organize seed-swaps - a great way to get in contact with like-minded people! Seed swaps are preferable from February to April or May.

    e) visit www.seed-sovereignty.org We try to keep you informed!

    Best regards
    Andreas Riekeberg ,Campaign for Seed-Sovereignty
    Email: info@www.seed-sovereignty.org

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