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Wegen Angriffskrieg auf Ukraine: Russland sofort von SWIFT ausschließen.

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350,209 supporters

The petition is accepted.

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02/26/2022, 15:23

Dear supporters,

I just got aware that there's another petition on the platform, which shares the same goal: convince the german government to block Russia from SWIFT.

You can find it at

While my petition is still far greater (>300,000 here vs. >50,000 of the other petition), I urge you to support the other petition as well.

And, since apparently doesn't allow you to contact the initiator directly, I ask you to refer to this petition in the comments section over there, so that those people who only found the petition so war also sign this petition.

Also, if you know how to contact the initiator of a petition on, please ask her to include a reference to this petition in the description over there. I will include a reference to the petition in my petition's description.

Thank you so much.

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