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Wegen Angriffskrieg auf Ukraine: Russland sofort von SWIFT ausschließen.

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350,209 supporters

The petition is accepted.

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02/26/2022, 10:19

Dear supporters,

A lot of you urged me not to wait until Monday, so I already sent the petition to the three principal agencies of the government today. I will insist on an answer.

I also sent messages to a number of German news outlets, asking them to cover the petition.

Please continue to support the petition and keep distributing it. We already hit the 250,000 mark and I'm confident we will hit the million mark soon.

So many of you sent me messages from Ukraine. It so heartbreaking to read them. Please understand that I'm not able to answer all of them.

Be strong! Be bold! Then you'll be free!

Thinking of you!

Best regards

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