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Stop Trafficking Children Into Abuse Through EU Institutions

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European Commission Vice President Dubravka Suica
178 supporters

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178 supporters

Collection finished

  1. Launched September 2022
  2. Collection finished
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09/25/2022, 12:54

Thank you so much for signing our petition. We are grateful for your support, and promise to work hard to raise this issue at the EU level and worldwide.

We thought you might be interested in this news update that highlights graphically why it is so important that the institutions in Croatia, the EU and worldwide protect adult and child co-victims of violence.

Please do what you can to share this petition among family, friends and neighbours. It is vital that we secure immediate reform to protect families and build a society based on safety, health, justice and freedom.

Help us to strengthen citizen participation. We want to support your petition to get the attention it deserves while remaining an independent platform.

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