Region: Peniche

proibição total do uso de glifosato na Freguesia de Ferrel

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Freguesia de Ferrel
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Collection finished

236 supporters

Collection finished

  1. Launched March 2023
  2. Collection finished
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03/22/2023, 14:57

I modified the language to be in line with the terms mentioned in article 1.4

Neue Begründung:

glyphosate is a toxic herbicide that poses a serious risk to not only the health of the environment and biodiversity but also to humans. weWe want to see ana immediatemore bansustainable onapproach furtherto environmental management by the Freguesia de Ferrel without the use of thisthe substanceherbicide onglyphosate. ourWe streetswant an environment that nurtures biodiversity and green spaces inbelieve the concelhouse of Ferrel,herbicide peniche,poses Portugal.a risk to this.

Signatures at the time of the change: 55

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