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Apple disappoints with privacy breach

at 06 Aug 2021 14:17

As we read today, Apple has decided to search our most private files for indications of child abuse and grooming from now on. First, iClouds will be searched for previously existing material, soon also devices. The search for new material is more difficult, but that is apparently soon to come. (Here, particularly many false positives and blackmail material in foreign hands is to be expected). Also: Parents can be notified if their children exchange nude pictures in iChat messages. For the company, that likes to maintain a privacy-friendly image, this step is a paradigm shift – Pandora's box is being opened.

The proximity in time alone suggests that the legalization of this practice in the EU was an important "go" signal for the company. We see it as a matter of time, that the hashes being sought will be extended to potentially criminal and political content. If you want to prevent a further tightening – towards an obligation to all providers in the EU – and want to end the existing ePrivacy derogation as soon as possible, please sign and spread our open letter. Thank you!!

Thank you for your support – yet, there’s more to come

at 09 Jul 2021 17:52

The ePrivacy derogation was passed this week, as expected, with an 80% majority in the EU Parliament.

Meanwhile, our objection was heard. Patrick Breyer held up our open letter to the camera during his speech and made visible that e-privacy is just like postal secrecy. Members of the Greens and the Left also spoke out clearly against the proposal, while among the Social Democrats the field is mixed.

For a good reason we ask you to continue to promote this signature list:
In this fall, the case will go into the second round!

Because then the obligatory version of this regulation is on the agenda. What up to now MAY be done on a voluntary basis by some providers (like Microsoft Teams, Google etc.), will then become a MUST for all relevant messengers and services. So, while now you still have fallback options, in the future confidential communication would be forced into illegality. For this reason, subsequent lawsuits can only be expected after this stage, because the plaintiffs can only then claim that they no longer see any room for their privacy.

It is unclear whether a ban or circumvention of encryption will be addressed in a third stage. Considerations exist, but the breach of the constitution is apparently evident here even for many advocates of surveillance.

We will occasionally update you again as compactly as possible. Until then, all the best!

Peder Iblher, Giordano Bruno Foundation

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