People around the world demand IMF to cancel Ukraine's unjust debt

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02/28/2022, 20:32

Fixed mistyping in calculation of total debt, and comparing them with state budget.

New petition description:

On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale war with Ukraine

Ukraine’s independence is under a threat as a result of a full scale Russian invasion into our country’s territory.  

The state cannot afford its debt repayments any longer as Ukraine’s economy is destabilised as a result of the military campaign, increased spending on the military and having to deal with the consequences of war.

Presently Ukrainians are in the epicentre of war, unable to work and earn, we are losing our homes, economy, and property. Moreover, military occupation campaign of the Russian Federation is destroying sites and enterprises of strategic and critical infrastructure, transportation arteries and the economic potential of our country as all possible resources are mobilised to support the campaign of military defence.

Presently Ukraine’s foreign debt stands at $125 billion. The debt servicing expenditure for 2022 is expected to be circa $6.2 billion.  That is approximately 12% of all state state budgetary expenditure

The IMF component of the above sum is $2.7 billion. That is 36% of all state state budgetary expenditure and is equivalent to 16.5 million average pension payments.payments in Ukraine.

On behalf of all Ukrainians we demand:

  1. the cancellation of the debt - that is now choking our state
  2. that we are provided with multifaceted financial aid.

We demand Ukraine is freed from the debt yoke! 

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