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288 supporters

Collection finished

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01/16/2024, 03:21

Dear Sir or Madam
who have supported me so kindly over the past 17 months!

We have only reached about 14% of the collection target, but that is a good figure (in percent) this and considerng the petition has got further than most of the previous ones (third most if you take the total number of supporters in account, without counting the 18 months it has taken).
As you are from different countries in the EU (and partly outside), I have looked around to see how you can continue to give weight to my, our, your demand.
Mainly I intend to give recommendations concerning DE, AT and SLO (where we really got the third biggest support in the EU, thank you again wholheartedly!)
So therefore and I think alot of people living in Slowenia already knew but not everyone ofcourse:
I invite everybody to support the initiative.

Best regards from Austria,
and may there be negotiations and peace
instead of letting weapons and bloodshed.

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