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Collection finished

288 supporters

Collection finished

  1. Launched July 2022
  2. Collection finished
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12/29/2023, 06:48

Dear supporters!
It looks like we are reaching the final stage of this petition.
An ad on a social media company (see 9:16 video used here :
) was launched previously im english but to no prevail.
As a supportee I rely on the spreading ofthe information regarding the petition.
TSince the advertising was categorized as political adalot of bureauctraic extra work wasneccessary.
We therefore hope that openpetition allows extending the initiative for a few months but
We cannot guarantee it at this late point.
And we will only submit this democratic signature collection if we have over 300 supporters since it would not even make the commission laugh about but rather get ignored.
Hope you are doing fine!
Have a happy new years eve!
Best wishes

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