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05/09/2023, 23:03

Sounds better like this in my opinion ...

Info about NGO added

Neuer Petitionstext:

This is a call to action adressed to Madam von der Leyen:

The E. C. is called upon to ban all delivery of arms from all 27 member states of EU that are made directly or indirectly (e.g. via transit countries) to RU or UA for armed conflicts.

An arms export embargo for these states similar to the one that existed in the three decades ago (

is also necessary!

The E.U. is a peace project. Warmongering has no place here!

We urge the insitution to reach out its hand and stand up for peace talks like Israels Naftali Bennett tried last year ago.

We explicitly do not want the continent to sink back into chaos and perish.perish!

Neue Begründung:

Over the last two decades, the EU has repeatedly been dubbedknown as a "peacepeace project".project.

Freedom of travel was often praised. But: Whatever one's opinion of the European community of values the time of the peace project and the freedom of travel are seriously endangered!

The European Union is threatening to collapse and slide into war! It makes no big difference whether former EU states or non-EU member states participate in the CEE region with arms supplies or not. However, it must NEVER be tolerated that weapons are being supplied from EU to war parties no matter what kind.Not only is it wrong for the EU to support a war by supplying weapons but it is also wrong to interfere militarily in the affairs of non-EU states!

Although it has always been said that we don't do such things. As an example the EU should not be a debt union. Now the European Commission is again acting outside the self-imposed rules and interfering in a conflict of two neighbouring states of the post-Soviet space.

The European Union introduced a "European Code of Conduct on Arms Exports" in 1998.

In August 2022, Amnesty International (a non-profit organization that promotes human rights) stated that the Ukrainian army was "[...]Using hospitals for military purposes[...]" which "[...]is a clear violation of international humanitarian law[...]".

It should be said that Amnesty International has already pointed out violations of international humanitarian law with regard to the USA, China (e.g. capital punishment) and Russia (war related) where misconduct had been reported aswell by Amnesty.

Therefore this organization can be considered neutral.

To come back to the code of conduct: One of the criteria, that had been defined by the EU statets was "2.  Criterion Two: Respect for human rights in the country of final destination as well as respect by that country of international humanitarian law.".

How can it therefore be justifiable to supply weapons to this country?

This is clearly a violation of the EU Code of Conduct on Arms Exports.

Is that clever? Shouldn't one at least honestly ask the people (hold a referendum) before setting such actions?

The purpose of this petition is to give citizens of the entire European Union the opportunity to veto the decision and to remind the Commission that the member states have committed themselves to keeping the peace.

Germany is sending tanks to Ukraine now. But not only is Russia threatening Germany for this behaviour as President of Russia Putin is been reminded of "Stalingrad"WW2 andwhereas President of Ukraine Zelensky demands more weapons.

GermanyOne hasTwitter-quote a hard time staying neutral. Pro-Ukrainian activists even insultedin the Germandirection Chancellorof for hesitating on his descision whether to deliver tanks or not.For example a Twitter-quoteGermany goes:"[...] 78 years after 1945 a German leader is, in a devious way, supporting genocidal Nazi aggression" .

The "neutral"neutral Austrian government decided to provice the government in Kyiv with 5 Million euros officially for infrastructure.

ButCorruption thatsalso notis toa saybig itproblem mightin endthe upmentioned somewherestates elseof orRussia forand further weapon deliveries.Ukraine.

SinceE.g. not-for-profitthe organizationNGO "Transparency International" pointed out:out recently:

"Transparency International ranked Ukraine 120th out of 182 countries in terms of corruption, landing it in the second spot in Europe in 2018."

Great Britain former EU-member state is delivering uranium rounds to Ukraine as part of an aid package.

Armor piercing weapons containing depleted uranium – bombs or grenades are weapons that are still accessible in various countries of the world, despite the questions about the legality of their use in past war /war like conflicts e. g. In former Yugoslavia.

Currently only EUa hand full of European Union member states are not sending any weapons directly to Russia or Ukraine are Ireland, Hungary, Malta and Austria.Ukraine.

Never before from my point of view has the participation for a war in every single state of the European Union been so numerous as this time! I find that alarming.

How do you see it?



A Twitter-User @nickreeves9876 claiming Scholz to support "Nazi aggression"

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