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#letsstopawar - stop delivery of arms - demarche -Keep the EU a peace project!

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05/09/2023, 22:40

Sounds better like this in my opinion ...

Neuer Titel: #letsstopawar Mrs. President von der Leyen- Stop delivery of arms - Keep the EU a peace project!

Neuer Petitionstext:

This is a call to action adressed to the President UrsulaMadam von der Leyen the head of the European Commission:Leyen:

EuropeanThe Commission E. C. is called upon to ban all delivery of arms from all 27 member states of EU that are made directly or indirectly (e.g. via transit countries) to RussiaRU or UkraineUA for wararmed purposes.conflicts.

An arms export embargo for these states similar to the one that existed in the casethree ofdecades Cyprusago (

is also necessary!

The EUE.U. is a peace project. Warmongering has no place here!

We explicitly do not want Europethe continent to sink back into deathchaos and chaos.perish.

Unterschriften zum Zeitpunkt der Änderung: 234

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