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    at 03 Sep 2019 11:24

    Thank you for supporting the petition to keep the UK and EU collaborating on science. With your backing the petition has been supported by 5,400 people across every EU Member State.

    With so much uncertainty, we want to be ready with a strong voice from the scientific community on the importance of continuing UK and EU collaboration on science. Today we therefore launch our next social media initiative to build support for the #DealForScience petition.

    ** Connections **

    In research, collaborations provide new ideas and perspectives. Bringing people together across borders, leads to new ways of thinking, better solutions and faster progress. We want to show these networks and interconnections across science.

    * Get involved *
    Join our social media challenge and create twitter chains of our scientific collaborations. As a signatory of this petition, we hope you will start a chain to show your connections.

    Using the following proforma you will link to two collaborators who have had an impact on you. Tagged individuals will follow by making the next run of the chain linking their collaborators, and so forth.

    My science is stronger because I collaborated with @XYZ from @UniversityXYZ @ABC from @UniversityABC

    Retweet and tag your collaborators.

    Protect UK and EU science collaborations - sign openpetition.eu/dealforscience


    Many thanks again for your continued support.
    Sarah (Wellcome), Matthias (EuroScience) and Marta (EU LIFE)

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