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My contribution may or may not be considered a proper Pro argument. However, what I mean is that the decision to leave the EU is one of the most stupid decisions the UK has ever taken. Not just when it comes to research in general and science in particular but when it comes to just about everything else.

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    A world in need of help.

All scientists will derive benefit in their work from collaboration with other scientists. Inside the EU, closer collaboration for UK scientists will be possible. Greater diversity will hopefully guide towards humanitarianism and not interest in financial gain.

Source: Retired nurse and student of philophosy.
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What are arguments against the petition?

    Stop the Brexit madness!

I think the petition is not well thought through. 1) "We call on the EU and the UK to sign a research and innovation agreement as soon as possible." - Isn't such signing possible only after the UK has left the EU? Is the petition arguing that UK should leave EU ASAP? 2) "Science has been a key success of the EU and must remain a priority to keep Europe competitive. " Is this addressed to the EU that includes the UK, or only to the 27? The petition should be: Stop the Brexit madness! "No-deal" Brexit is insanity! Science in the UK and the rest of EU will suffer!

Source: A European Scientist in the UK, who receives the Wellcome Trust funding
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This petition should be directed to the UK government, who should take the lead to clearly define its position in many aspects after post Brexit relationships. Collaboration in science and inclusion of the UK as a member of Horizon Europe, should only be considered after agreement on other fundamental rights and financial commitments.

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This petition is rather futile to be honest. Collaboration itself will unquestioningly continue. However, requesting the UK government to consider full researcher mobility between the UK and the rest of Europe is unrealistic. Migration and "control of borders" has been a major sticking point and likely one for the driving factors behing brexit. Whether you're for or against brexit, you can't escape the political realities behind it. Having mobility of researchers goes against the core of the brexit ideology. Reqesting an exception for research is simply not going to happen.

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    New referendum

I support the idea behind this petition. However, for the time being I'd prefer to support a new referendum allowing the British people betrayed by irresponsible campaigners like F&J to wake up.

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Politics and science does not go together. Universities and companies will find each other and work together if necessary. They do not need the EU. The only thing the EU does is making things difficult.

Source: Source??
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