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President of the European Commission; European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation; Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.
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09/04/2020, 15:20

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Dear Petition Supporter,

Thank you for your support for EU-UK science collaboration.

International collaboration makes science stronger and we should not let Brexit disrupt this. Ensuring that the UK can join the Horizon Europe programme will ensure researchers can continue to tackle shared challenges, such as cancer and climate change.

Now is our last chance to stand up for science. The Brexit negotiations are in their final stages – the last scheduled round finishes at the very start of October. Both sides agree with the principle on ongoing collaboration and participation in Horizon Europe has been discussed frequently. However, there has been too little progress towards an agreement.

Ahead of the last negotiating round, we published a statement urging both sides to approach talks with a spirit of compromise.

We are asking you to share the joint statement, signed by over 100 researchers and organisations to show your continued support for UK and EU science collaboration. The statement offers a set of solutions to known sticking points in the discussions:

Please see attached for a social media pack to help you share the statement if you would like to (this is also published on the petition website).

Thank you again for your support.

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