• Subscription period active - Monday Action - Every EU Member State Supports #DealforScience

    at 02 Aug 2019 10:59

    Thank you for supporting the petition to keep the UK and EU collaborating on science. With your backing the petition has been supported by a signatory in every EU Member State.

    This is an incredible achievement and shows that protecting UK and EU collaborations on science is a shared ambition that should be prioritised for an early deal.

    **What's next?**
    This achievement was only possible with your support, and is your news to share.

    On *Monday* we want everyone to announce this milestone through your networks, Twitter and LinkedIn using the attached image and text:

    I signed for (X country, flag) because every EU country agrees that science is stronger when we work together.

    Join me to keep the UK and EU collaborating on science - sign the petition openPetition.eu/dealforscience

    *Scheduling Tweets*
    You can schedule your tweet using Tweetdeck, which is a twitter owned interface. Just go to that URL and log-in as yourself.

    Click the “New tweet” button on the top left and you’ll see there’s an option to schedule at the bottom. Just set your date and time then when you’re finished click tweet as normal. It will then appear in your ‘scheduled’ column on Tweetdeck.

    Many thanks again for your continued support.
    Sarah (Wellcome), Marta (EU LIFE) and Matthias (EuroScience)

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