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    Neue Begründung: In this trying time for Italy, SLC-CGIL (the communication workers’ union), STRADE (the section devoted to translators), and the trade associations backing this petition are doing all they can to amplify the voice and ensure the visibility of the many atypical workers they represent, who are currently excluded from the income support measures in the “Cura Italia” decree.
    These creative figures include writers, translators, illustrators, photographers, and cartoonists. Though they play a crucial role in the book industry and the cultural marketplace, they are a financially vulnerable group, plagued by low pay and constant collection problems. Many are not registered with the SIAE or other copyright collecting societies, and since they primarily earn their income from authors’ rights, they are shut out of the social security system. They’re an invisible multitude, numbering in the thousands.
    And although culture will carry on its mission, it shouldn’t be forced to crawl.
    With all bookshops shuttered (a crushing blow for the independent ones) and all fairs and live events cancelled, the whole publishing industry is on standby. The immediate effects are expected to be devastating. In a newsletter dated 24 March, the AIE (Associazione Italiana Editori – Italian Publishers Association) estimated that in 2020 there will be “18,600 fewer works published; 39.3 million fewer copies printed and packaged.” Moreover, a report from the AIE committee set up to monitor the impact of Covid-19 on the publishing sector, dated 30 March, predicts that the number of books translated this year will drop by 3,100 titles.
    Remote working and e-commerce will not be enough to ensure real continuity or make up for the gap in the end market.
    The Italian government must therefore rapidly expand its financial support measures to cover cultural creators and provide them with an adequate safety net.
    Under article 27 of the recent Cura Italia decree, these professional figures do not qualify for one-off financial assistance because there is currently no way for them to be registered with social security. This is an incomprehensible oversight that we believe should be redressed by letting them apply for the reddito di emergenza and extending these emergency payments beyond the month of March.
    The emergency fund for the performing arts, film, and audio-visual work (article 89 of the decree) should also be extended to cultural creators who work in publishing. Alternatively, a specific fund with a similar endowment (at least 130 million euros) should be set up for the publishing industry, while weighing the possibility of turning it into a structural fund. This idea also has the support of the leading publishers’ associations, AIE and ADEI.
    SLC-CGIL, together with STRADE, AITI, ANITI and AI – Autori di Immagini, are asking the Italian government to make sure no one is left behind. Even in the cultural sector.
    Translation by Johanna Bishop.
    First signers include:
    Massimo Arcangeli, linguist, author, critic
    Stefano Arduini, Nida School of Translation Studies
    linguist, translator
    Gabriella Armando, publisher
    Bruno Arpaia, author, translator
    Davide Camarrone, author, journalist, director of Festival delle Letterature Migranti
    Giulio Cavalli, author, actor
    John M. Coetzee, author, Nobel laureate
    Giovanni De Mauro, editor of Internazionale
    Fulvia Degl’Innocenti, author, president of Italian Children’s Writers Association
    Jared Diamond, author
    Hernan Diaz, author
    Catherine Dunne, author
    Angelo Ferracuti, author
    Ernesto Ferrero, author, translator
    Jonathan Franzen, author
    Fabio Geda, author
    Vera Gheno, author
    Daniel Handler a.k.a Lemony Snicket, author
    Nicola Lagioia, author, journalist
    director of the Turin International Book Fair
    Loredana Lipperini, journalist
    author, radio host
    Valerio Magrelli, author, translator
    Robert Menasse, author
    Carlotta Natoli, actor
    Salvatore Natoli, philosopher, scholar
    Giuseppe Patota, linguist at Accademia della Crusca
    Roberto Piumini, author
    Antonio Prete, author, translator
    Fabio Pusterla, poet,
    Christian Raimo, author
    Livia Rocchi, author, ICWA board member
    Isabella Salmoirago, author, ICWA board member
    Sara Saorin and Francesca Segato, publishers
    Chiara Segré, author, vice-president of ICWA
    Evgenij Solonovich, translator
    Flavio Soriga, author
    David Szalay, author
    Bruno Tognolini, author
    Thomas Trabacchi, actor
    Tiziana Triana, editorial director
    Clara Usón, author
    Chiara Valerio,
    Giorgio Vasta, author, director of Book Pride
    Rosa Ventrella, author
    Constant updates: www.traduttoristrade.it/2020/emergenza-covid-19-appello-al-governo-petizione/
    [cover photo by Eugenio Mazzone on Unsplash]

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