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Covid 19 and the growing hunger crisis that has no coordinated international response

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The Irish Government and the Security Council of the United Nations.
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The UN Special Envoy on the Right to Food, Michael Fakhri Outlined in his

 report to the Human Rights Council in December 2020

“Member States and international organisations have not yet come together to tackle the looming hunger crisis. There remains no internationally coordinated action responding to the hunger crisis caused by the pandemic.”

This petition is calling on the Irish Government in their role in the Security Council to use their voice for an international response to the Millions who are suffering from acute food insecurity. 

In Numbers 

  • 135 million additional people are facing severe food insecurity and hunger. 
  • According to the World Food Program, 30 million people in 36 countries are living in famine-like conditions according to David Beasly head of the World food program.

  • Watch this 1-minute video of the head of the world food Program calling for immediate actions and funds


According to Unicef figures, an additional 10,000 children are dying from malnutrition every month due to the economic hardships caused by Covid 19. 

Ireland's own famine past we recall a time where the International community failed to come to our help in times of Famine. In the winter of 1847, the people of Ireland were suffering from a devastating famine. Meanwhile, members of the Choctaw Nation of American Indians, one of the five great southern tribes of the United States, met in a small town in Indian Territory called Skullyville. There, members of the tribe discussed the experiences of the Irish poor. It was proposed that they would gather what monies they could spare. read about this here

In remembering our past we ask you to think of the present and sign this petition. In the comment section consider writing a personnel note.

Thank you for your support, Pat Mc Mahon from Meelin Newmarket Co Cork
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