Quality criteria for home parliaments on openPetition

Poll question / main question

  • The question fits a specific parliamentary decision in the future or would like to initiate a concrete parliamentary decision on an issue which is already known to the public as an urgent concern.
  • No suggestive or tendentious question.
  • The question must be asked as a ruling that allows response approval, disapproval or abstention.
  • The results of the house round parliaments have before it comes to a parliamentary decision.

Assessment questions / sub-questions

  • The main question has to be divided into three specific sub-questions involving different aspects of the poll question illuminate allow the debate to give more depth.
  • The sub-questions must be formulated as weighing issues in which a degree of consent may be given reasonable (scale 0-10).
  • No suggestive or tendentious question.

Background texts

  • Background and initial situation of the debt are shown generally understandable. Even people who have not yet dealt extensively with the subject can understand the problem and proposed solutions.


  • Addressees may be individual MPs, one or more parties, all the political groups or non-partisan committees.
  • The question is relevant to the addressee and yet they have the (co-) decision-making authority.
  • The addressees undertake, in the house parliaments Round promptly issue a public opinion on the issue and to what extent they follow the results of the round or not and why.
  • The commitment is documented in writing.
  • The opinion must be done in those groups in which they have committed themselves to an opinion (as a single person, group, etc.).


  • The arguments give room for opinions from across the democratic political spectrum.
  • Pro and con arguments should be balanced as possible. A single-distorted representation is not permissible.


  • Sources must reflect the current generally accepted scientific consensus.
  • The sources must be known and have a proven awareness and reputation in their field.
  • Sources must be available in the languages of the House Parliament.

understandable language

  • Texts are written in as simple language. If technical terms are used, they must be explained.
  • Texts are available in languages that are spoken in the state / in the states where the house Parliament takes place.


The quality criteria for petitions also found on home parliaments application.


Use of the house parliaments platform is provided that the questioner point for free in every reporting on openPetition and their role in the process.

Status: February 2021

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