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No wind farms on the Cyclades islands

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griechische Regulierungsbehörde für Energie (REA)
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The building plans of the Greek Government for the Aegean Islands are

devastating. By signing this petition also international consternation

is to be given expression to.

„Greece is facing an unprecedented and non-recoverable destruction of

its landscape. The majority of all Greek mountain chains and almost all

islands – in most cases Natura 2000 conservation areas – are to be

converted into gigantic windmill parks. Hills are flattened, in total

thousands of kilometers of road systems are relocated to the wilderness

and thousands of windmills from 150 to 200 meters high are planted on

often the highest places of mountains and islands each and every one of

them requiring their own concrete foundation the size of a football

pitch. Even the very smallest islands - where last pairs of several

threatened birds coming from as far as Madagascar seeking refuge - are

not exempted from the construction plans.

All of it happens without any reporting to and information of the Greek

population. So far applicable conservation legislation and credible,

independent environmental testing procedures have been cancelled as well

as the inhabitants rights of co determination over their municipality,

their island, their land. This was executed in an urgent procedure by as

few as 25 members of parliament during the Covid quarantine in may 2020.

On islands like Amorgos, which would require one to two windmills to

meet their electrical energy requirements, are planned over 70 windmills.

This is as disproportionate as that on the other islands.“


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It is essential to „ inform about the construction plans approved by RAE

and their consequences. These plans are that all-encompassing and

devastating one is stretched to ones mental and emotional limits when

realizing, what Greece will look like in a few years having been made

partially uninhabitable: wind parks erected straight through

conservation areas, at mountaintops up to 2000 meters high, directly

above traditional villages, besides and on archaeological sites and,

above all, scattered across the entire island area. Inhabitants of very

small islands like Kinaros and Levitha are to be forced leaving for not

getting in the way of a complete conversion of their island into a wind

park. They are listed as „non-existent“ by the Hellenic Statistical

Authority (ELSTAT) for quite some time, although they registered with

the authorities as with every census. If there is no education of the

European population and no comprehensive resistance the Aegean like it

has survived for millenniums will cease to exist in 10 years.“


Thank you for your support, Torsten Hauffe from Berlin
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