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Urgent Reform Needed: Enhancing Spanish Visa Booking System via BLS for Seamless Travel

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Ambasador Of Spain In Algeria
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593 supporters
118% achieved 500 for collection target
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Dear Mr Ambassador;

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our collective concern regarding the current booking system for Spanish visas facilitated by the BLS System. As applicants for Spanish visas, we have encountered numerous challenges and inefficiencies in securing appointments, which have adversely affected our ability to plan and organize our travel to Spain.
We understand the importance of an efficient and streamlined visa application process for both applicants and the authorities involved. However, the existing system fails to meet these standards, causing undue stress and inconvenience to applicants and potentially affecting Spain's reputation as a welcoming destination for travelers.
Therefore, we respectfully urge the relevant authorities to take immediate action to address these issues and implement measures to improve the booking system for Spanish visas via the BLS System. Specifically, we recommend:

  1. Increasing the availability of appointment slots to accommodate the high demand from applicants.
  2. Enhancing the stability and functionality of the online booking platform to prevent technical issues and system crashes.
  3. Providing clearer communication regarding appointment availability and wait times to manage applicants' expectations effectively.
  4. Implementing measures to ensure fair and equitable access to appointment slots for all applicants.

By addressing these concerns and implementing improvements to the booking system, we believe that the visa application process for Spain can be made more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly for all stakeholders involved.
We hope that our petition will receive due consideration, and we remain committed to supporting efforts to enhance the visa application process and promote positive travel experiences in Spain.


The current booking system implemented by BLS has been characterized by long waiting times, frequent technical glitches, and a lack of transparency in appointment availability. Many of us have experienced frustration and disappointment as we struggle to secure appointments within reasonable time frames, often resulting in delays and disruptions to our travel plans.

Thank you for your support, Amir Tejeddine from Guelma
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les rendez-vous sont escroqués par la société algérienne BLS SAPIN, qui empêche les gens de cliquer sur le site Internet bad gateway 502 error. En fait, ce n'est pas un problème

We hope to address the site and make it valid so that all people who wish to book an appointment can access this site, which has become disturbing to citizens and arousing their anger and dissatisfaction. We hope that you will take our argument and this statement into consideration, thank you.

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We, the undersigned, bring attention to the critical issue of unavailability of Spain visa appointments for travelers. It has come to our attention that obtaining appointments for Spanish visa applications has become increasingly difficult, causing undue stress and inconvenience to applicants.
Many individuals, including students, professionals, and tourists, rely on timely visa appointments to plan their trips, study abroad, or attend important events. However, the current scarcity of available appointments is hindering their ability to do so.
We urge the relevant authorities to take immediate action to address this issue by increasing the number of visa appointment slots, streamlining the appointment scheduling process, and implementing measures to ensure fairness and accessibility for all applicants.
Access to visa appointments should not be a barrier to individuals seeking to visit or reside in Spain for legitimate purposes. We call on the authorities to prioritize this matter and work towards a swift resolution to alleviate the burden on applicants.

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