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To maximize civic and political space, including freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly of political activists, human rights defenders, opposition parties and journalists.

Law enforcement forces must have to manage protests without resorting to the excessive use of force .

Stop enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings in Bangladesh.

We want fair, free, and participative election under caretaker government/neutral interim administration.


To ensure democracy for development

To ensure freedom of choice

To ensure right to life

To ensure human rights

We cannot go on as a society thinking that people don't matter.

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on 19 Jan 2023

With the controversial parliamentary election, December 2018, Sheikh Hasina and her Awami League party won a third consecutive five-year term that kept her in office as prime minister since 2009. This election was not considered free and fair due to reported irregularities, including ballot-box stuffing and intimidation of opposition polling agents and voters (Time, 31 December 2018: They Threaten Everyone.' Sheikh Hasina's Landslide Win in Bangladesh Marred by Voter Suppression; Aljazeera, 31 December 2018: Bangladesh election makes mockery of democracy: BNP’s Alamgir; BBC, 31 2018: Bangladesh elections: Deadly clashes mar vote). Even a BBC correspondent found the filled ballot boxes at a polling center in the port city of Chittagong. During this government regime since 2009 nearly 600 people have been forcibly disappeared by security forces which has been reported by Human rights watch, published on 16 August 2021 (“Where No Sun Can Enter” A Decade of Enforced Disappearances in Bangladesh). Although some victims have been released or produced in court after weeks or months of secret detention, the fate of others victims was found to be death that are falsely claimed to be deaths during gunfights. Alongside with the above -mentioned report, Human Rights Watch created a missing profile of 86 victims in Bangladesh who were forcibly disappeared and still missing.
Bangladesh authority or ruling party uses digital security act; forceful disappearance; extrajudicial killing by the name crossed-fire; fake or fabricated criminal charge; etc to crackdown the opposition. Since 2009, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's Awami League won a third consecutive election, keeping her at the top of the power, holding a firm grip on the country's politics, and establishing a one-party monopoly. No one can protest against her dynasty. Thus, people of Bangladesh outcry for democracy and seek help from the international organizations to discuss with the Bangladesh ruling party as well as other political parties in order to find a better political solution.

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