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Stop whale slaughter on Faroe Islands

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Hendes Majestæt Dronning (Her Royal Majesty Queen) Margrethe II, Danmarks statsminister (Danish Prime Minister) Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Løgmaður (Faroese Prime Minister) Aksel Vilhelmsson Johannesen, Folketing (The danish parliament)
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!! STOP THE CRUEL AND OUTDATED "GRINDADRÁP" !! --- !! Stop den grusomme og forældede Grindadráp !!

It's called a tradition. They chase them with boats, ships, harpoons and knives. Every year there are hundreds of whales and dolphins supposed to die because the Faroese hunters and people don't want to abandon the cruel and bloody slaughter, called "GRINDADRÁP" or "THE GRIND".

Once up on a time they did the hunt to survive - for meat and oil. But nowadays, especially in face of the good situation at the Faroe Islands, it's just a cruel and useless slaughter.

People of Denmark, Faroe Islands, and wherever you are living: Please sign this petition to set a sign to the mighty ones in København (Copenhagen) and Tórshavn.

Din kongelige majestæt, ærede ministre, (Your Royal Majesty, honorable Ministers)

Denmark is a civilized, progressive, beautiful and popular country. Do not let the reputation of your country be tainted by backward, rude, senseless and cruel traditions.

The time has come to put an end to the senseless murder. Stop Grindadráp, sign now.


For more information see the links.

WARNING: The following videos or pictures may contain disturbing scenes. Emotional or unstable persons should not look at this. (The Grind: Whaling in the Faroe Islands Full Length)

Please sign this petition to stop this barbaric procedure. It is indispensable to stop this killing. Whales are neither food nor raw materials - nor is it morally justifiable to hunt them for fun. It is a crime against nature.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for your support

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