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Bild zur Petition mit dem Thema: Silvana Koch-Mehrin should not join EU's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy Silvana Koch-Mehrin should not join EU's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
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Silvana Koch-Mehrin should not join EU's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy


We believe Mrs. Koch-Mehrin to be unfit for the position of committee member that she has obtained and we ask that her appointment be retracted.


We have received the news of the nomination of Mrs. Silvana Koch-Mehrin as a member in the European Parliaments Committee on Industry, Research and Energy with disgust.

With this reward for dubious behavior, the European Parliament and the political parties involved in this decision demonstrate their audacity and disregard of ethical standards in science. This case only serves to undermine the confidence of scientists, researchers and common citizens in the actions of the European Union.

Mrs. Koch-Mehrin, whose doctoral degree has been rescinded by the University of Heidelberg in Germany due to massive plagiarism on June 15th, 2011, has proven unworthy of being titled a researcher and, more importantly, shows that she is unfit to make decisions concerning research.

A person, surreptitiously obtaining a title, advertising with it on electoral posters and defending it against massive amounts of evidence, is by all common sense unfit to hold any political title. Instead, she is rewarded by being made a member of one of the most important committees of the European Parliament, which decides on the future of research inside the European Union.

We believe this to be an insult not only to scientists going through their doctoral work with great motivation and effort, but also to every honest citizen of the European Union who obtained their qualifications and jobs through work, and not through fraud. It appears that unethical behavior, instead of being punished, serves to further careers and obtain appointments one is unqualified for. If this is the behavior that is wished to promote within the European Union, you are on the right way.

Im Namen aller Unterzeichner/innen.

Dresden, 23.06.2011 (aktiv bis 23.06.2011)


In the meanwhile, another petition has started with more members. It is better to join forces, so please sign here: Thank you for your support!

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