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SAVE NOAH'S ARK! Cyprus, island of love, unless you are a stray cat or dog,

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Sovereign Base Area Office, Area Officer.
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Currently the Sovereign Base wish to demolish Noah's ark shelter, based on a planning technicality!!

We need Cyprus to respect the lives and welfare of stray animals, provide positive care and funding

Those who support stray animals from their picket should be supported and applauded not persecuted..


Cyprus is adored by many repeat travelllers, seen as the island of love and so

welcoming, but away from the tourist money trail, Cats and dogs (-widely reported 250,000 strays) are neglected and abused, abandoned or callously poisoned.

Govt Veterinary Services want shelters to be of a good standard, and due to a planning technicality, the Sovereign base want to demolish a purpose built shelter which has existed > 10years. It is away from residential areas, and has helped the local community which does not provide a pound/shelter (though legally obliged to), has helped countless otger rescuers and govt vet services in taking, rehabilitating and rehoming strays.

It is financially and morally criminal to demolish such a facility

Please help!!

Please sign & show your support, and please share


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Desperate situation in Cyprus so we need Shelters and hope for abandoned dogs

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