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Provide Ukraine with anti-ballistic air defense systems MIM-104 Patriot (iron dome) immediately!

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The president of the United States, leaders AND member states of NATO, EU have to advocate and provide Ukraine with anti-ballistic air defense systems MIM-104 or any other similar anti-ballistic defense systems able to work as an 'iron dome'


Ukraine is being invaded, and brutally bombed by the Russian army. More than 2000 civilians are dead, Russia commits war crimes destroying homes of Ukrainians, hospitals, schools, etc,., there is a threat of an ecological catastrophe, nuclear, chemical, ecological. Therefore, the leaders of NATO, EU, and US have to provide Ukraine with numerous anti-ballistic systems like Patrion MIM-104. STOP THE GENOCIDE OF UKRAINIAN PEOPLE! SAVE DEMOCRACY! SAVE FREEDOM, THE WORLD ORDER!

Thank you for your support, Roman Zaporozhets from Riga
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