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Protect Old-growth Forests in Romania from Illegal Logging!

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European Commision & Parliament
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Dear EU (and Romanian Government),

Enforce your already existing laws and protect all Romanian 'Old-growth Forests' from (illegal) logging!

Reports show that logging permits & rates have even increased dramatically since 2020, when the EU started an infringement case (legal action against Romanian authorities with regard to illegal logging). The report, released by the NGOs Agent Green, ClientEarth and EuroNatur show that for example the Fagaras Mountains (Natura 2000) is very much affected by logging at the moment, while it still houses thousands of hectares of Old-growth forest (PRIMOFARO Report)!

There seems to be no progress with the infringement case? While in the meantime logging permits continue to be issued in Natura 2000 sites without a prior environmental impact assessment and Old-growth forests vanish or get irreversibly damaged (fern.org).


There is not much old-growth forest left in Europe these days, while before the human agricultural revolution it covered the majority of our lands. Old-growth forests are invaluable for their:

  • Biodiversity: As this was originally the most abundant habit, most of the biodiversity evolved in such forests. Therefore old-growth forest house tremendous biodiversity (insects, fungi, likens, mosses, etc.)
  • Carbon sequestration: Old-growth forests sequester massive amounts of carbon per hectare, more than any other forests or land use.
  • Cultural heritage: This is how our lands originally looked like; important to preserve for people to experience and learn about.
  • Scientific value: With their scarcity and special characteristics old-growth forests are important to study and learn from (knowledge to apply in sustainable forestry, etc.)
Täname Teid toetuse eest, Julius SIlvan Brummelman Loughrea
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enne 2 päeva

Natuur moet behouden worden om ook voor ons te kunnen zorgen en niet gekapt worden voor materialistische doeleindes die geld opleveren.

enne 3 päeva

We should be protecting our ancient woodland

enne 3 päeva

porque es necesario conserbar y protejer los pocos espacios naturales que quedan en el mundo.

enne 4 päeva

As i live in a country where almost all nature is gone already, im sad to live in a man made world.I hope to see more of the last nature that is still accessible to me, and hope other people will apreciate the nature and respect it so it can last for many more milenia's

enne 5 päeva

threats to biodiversity which should be taken very seriously

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