Petition to EU authorities to temporarily cancel flights from China to the EU

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The Corona Virus is spreading fast in Chine, where the number of deaths more than doubles each six days. It has already reached more than 1.300 deaths with 242 additional ones in just one day. There are some cases in Europe and we have seen how in certain cases one person can spread the virus to many more. Therefore the EU authorities and national authorities are requested to temporarily cancel flights from China to the EU (some countries have already done so). And they are also requested not to allow people coming from China (including Hong Kong and Macao) to enter the EU (except EU nationals returning or in justified cases), therefore monitoring the entries of people who may do a stopover in another airports outside the EU (Dubai, Doha, etc). These should obviously be temporary measures until the epidemic is under control in China.


If Europe wants to prevent the virus from becoming an epidemic also in Europe, it is essential to reduce to the minimum possible all contact with people from China. Check here the progression of the virus and of the number of deaths:

Thank you for your support, Mario Rodrigues from Brussels
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