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No Atom in EU


Chernobyl, Harrisburgh and Fukushima are enough. We, the people of the european union, we, the signers of this petition, want you to react on this:

1) Stop building new nuclear power plants in EU 2) Do not grant subvention for nuclear power plants 3) Shut down all nuclear power plants in the EU build before 1980 until 2012 4) Shut down alle nuclear power plants in the EU build before 1995 until 2020 5) SHUT DOWN ALL NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS IN EU UNTIL 2025


Chernobyl, Fukushima and alle the many other, not so popular, nuclear accidents all over the world are enough. This is an unsecure technology and we want safety for us and our childrens in the whole european union.

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In the name of all signers.

Wien, 16 Mar 2011 (aktiv bis 15 Sep 2011)


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