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More Than Education - Shaping Active and Responsible Citizens


More incentive measures by the European Commission are needed to support EU member states in their responsibility of providing basic civic education. This knowledge is necessary to become an active member of a democratic diverse and open society.

The decisions and actions of the European Commission also reach out to non-EU countries, because the EU is perceived as a leader in setting standards by many people. We believe that improvements and coordination of civic education within EU member states will also influence the standard of countries outside the EU in a positive way. Therefore, our call is also relevant to non-EU citizens.

This petition is based on the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) "More Than Education". It's official text can be read here: To sign this ECI:!vdqpd (openpetition mirrors the ECI and leads to the official page for signing).


A democratic society relies on the citizens' participation, shared values and capability of critical thinking. The Commission should support member states in their responsibility to enable young people from all backgrounds to develop competencies for participating responsibly in society. To promote cohesion, action should be coordinated throughout the Union, by setting a long-term agenda, creating benchmarks, providing support to states, doing periodic evaluations and sharing best practice.

Im Namen aller Unterzeichner/innen.

Osnabrück, 20 Oct 2016 (aktiv bis 06 Oct 2017)


The text was just shortened in order to be more concise and to make it easier to read. The fact that this petition aims at collecting signatures of non-EU citizens is emphasized, but it is still the same subject matter as the European Citizen's Initiative ...

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