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#letsstopawar - stop delivery of arms - demarche -Keep the EU a peace project!

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The goal of the initiative is suggesting weapons embargo in whole European Union.
And eventually bringing peace back.
The EU, in particular its head the President of the European Commission is called upon to ban all deliveries of arms from the 27 member states that are made directly or indirectly (e.g. via transit countries) to Russia or Ukraine.
An arms export embargo for these states similar to the one that existed in the three decades ago (https://www.france24.com/en/20200901-us-partially-lifts-three-decade-old-arms-embargo-on-cyprus)
for mentioned states involved in armed conflict is also necessary!
Not only is it unjust for the EU to support a war by supplying weapons (and to continue to call itself a peace project), but also to interfere militarily in the affairs of non-EU states!
We also demand that forced or compulsory recruitment of soldiers from EU countries regarding this affair to become prohibited!
The E.U. is a peace project. Warmongering has no place here!
We urge the institution to reach out its hand and stand up for peace talks like businessman Naftali Bennett tried last year ago.
We explicitly do not want the continent to sink back into chaos and perish!
This dying has to finally end!


Over the last two decades, the E.U. has repeatedly been known as a peace project.
The E.U. is threatening to collapse and slide into war! It must NEVER be tolerated that weapons are being supplied from EU to warring parties no matter what kind.
Although it has always been told that we don't do such things. As an example, the European Union should not be a debt union. Now the European Commission is again acting outside the self-imposed rules and interfering in a conflict of two neighbouring states of the post-Soviet space.
The E.U. introduced a "European Code of Conduct on Arms Exports" in 1998.
In August 2022, Amnesty International (a non-profit organization that promotes human rights) stated that the Ukrainian army was "[...]Using hospitals for military purposes[...]" which "[...]is a clear violation of international humanitarian law[...]".
It should be said that Amnesty International has already pointed out violations of international humanitarian law with regard to the USA, China (e.g. capital punishment) and Russia (war related) where misconduct had been reported as well by Amnesty.
Therefore, this organization can be considered neutral.
To come back to the code of conduct: One of the criteria, that had been defined by the E.U. states was "2. Criterion Two: Respect for human rights in the country of final destination as well as respect by that country of international humanitarian law.".
How can it therefore be justifiable to supply weapons to this country?
This clearly seems to be a violation of the E.U. Code of Conduct on Arms Exports.
Is violating the own codex clever?
The purpose of this petition is to give citizens in E.U. living all over the world the opportunity to stop the current situation and to remind the Commission that the member states have committed themselves to maintain and maybe even embrace peace!
But there's more to take into account before to decide what is right and what is wrong:
Corruption also is a big problem unluckily in the mentioned states(UA aswell as RU).
E.g. , the NGO "Transparency International" pointed out recently:
Transparency International ranked Ukraine 116th out of 180 countries in terms of corruption, Russia was ranked 137th out of 180 countries countries.
Not only Germany with Chancellor Scholz and the ex-war minister Ursula von der Leyen (now President of the EU Commission) is affected.
The neutral Austrian government decided to provide the government in Kyiv with 570 million € worth of humanitarian aid alone in 2022.
Great Britain, former EU-member state is delivering uranium rounds to UA as part of an aid package.
Armor piercing weapons containing depleted uranium – bombs or grenades are weapons that are still accessible in various countries of the world, despite the questions about the legality of their use in past war /war like conflicts e. g. In former Yugoslavia.
The ukrainian Member of parliament Kira Rudik demanded recently on microblogging service
Twitter "We want russia to become a new North Korea. We want them to become a completely isolated pariah with no partners or allies."
Not to forget that the entire EU has suspended the SWIFT agreement for Russia, which means that anyone who wants to transfer money between an EU state and Russia (or vice versa) (with relatives) must now switch to cryptocurrencies due to the EU sanctions and US payment service providers and banks that approve of this.
Currently only a hand full of European Union member states are not sending any weapons directly to RU or UA.
In the meantime, it has more or less become a "taboo" to talk about peace at all (as the NZZ writes).
Thus, Chancellor Scholz claimed in August 2023:Everyone who walks around the square posing as a "dove of peace" is in reality "a fallen angel from hell.
A disarmament of words in social discourse would also be necessary! 
We are standing at the abyss, with death and misery below us!
We are NOT affiliated to any political organization.
Never before has the support for war in every single state of the European Union on the part of governments and the mainstream media been so numerous as this time! How do you see it? #letsstopawar .

Спасибо вам за поддержку, Benjamin P.

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  • Dear Sir or Madam
    who have supported me so kindly over the past 17 months!

    We have only reached about 14% of the collection target, but that is a good figure (in percent) this and considerng the petition has got further than most of the previous ones (third most if you take the total number of supporters in account, without counting the 18 months it has taken).
    As you are from different countries in the EU (and partly outside), I have looked around to see how you can continue to give weight to my, our, your demand.
    Mainly I intend to give recommendations concerning DE, AT and SLO (where we really got the third biggest support in the EU, thank you again wholheartedly!)
    So therefore and I think alot of people living in Slowenia already knew but... далее

  • A few more reasons to stop arms delivery and end war as far as I am concerned:

    Violations of the Geneva Convention have occurred on both sides, Russian and Ukrainian, since the course of the conflict.

    Depending on sources only one day before the year 2023s final calendar date in Belgorod 24 civilians were killed(other sources mostly non-russian or non-israeli claim lower numbers) in the Russian border city.

    One month prior the website of the "genevasolutions" which covers international reports about the international humanian law that are known as Geneva convention(4 treaties and 3 extra protocols ) stated:
    "Both Russia and Ukraine have tortured and ill-treated prisoners captured during the war in Ukraine in violation of the Geneva Conventions,... далее

  • Dear supporters!
    It looks like we are reaching the final stage of this petition.
    An ad on a social media company (see 9:16 video used here : odysee.com/letsstopawar:7
    ) was launched previously im english but to no prevail.
    As a supportee I rely on the spreading ofthe information regarding the petition.
    TSince the advertising was categorized as political adalot of bureauctraic extra work wasneccessary.
    We therefore hope that openpetition allows extending the initiative for a few months but
    We cannot guarantee it at this late point.
    And we will only submit this democratic signature collection if we have over 300 supporters since it would not even make the commission laugh about but rather get ignored.
    Hope you are doing fine!
    Have... далее

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