Jordanian Asylum Seeker in Netherlands

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We call upon IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) to reconsider the case of Mr. Mahmoud Mansi in the light of the new factors that appeared with the new cybercrime law.


We, the undersigned, address the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service), with regards to the Jordanian activist Mahmoud Mansi who applied for asylum in the Netherlands. 
Mr. Mansi faces legal accusations in Jordan that might lead him to be imprisoned for years, only because of his posts on Facebook that criticise corruption and oppression in Jordan and for his support for human rights and for womens’ rights. Mr. Mansi is one of thousands of Jordanian activists who have been severely harassed, arrested and  threatened because of their stand for freedom of speech in Jordan. He will be subject to very serious human rights violations if he is sent back to Jordan, especially after the ratification of the new cybercrime law.
We urge you to stand in the side of justice and freedom of speech. We call upon you to reconsider the case again in light of the new wave of oppression that the Jordanian regime exercises on the opposition in Jordan.
Important background:
International organisations and media criticise the political environment after the new cybercrime law:

Grazie davvero per il vostro appoggio, Alaa Alfazza da Hässelby
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