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Investigate and stop U.S. cyber surveillance on Europe

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We hope that the EU can protect the citizens of its member states from the hegemony of the United States. We request:

1. Investigate the violation of the EU’s data sovereignty by the US government and Internet companies.

2. The U.S. must immediately stop cyber monitoring of the European Union


In the age of information, data is power. However, the power of European countries and citizens is already under the control of the United States. The United States has used its advantages in Internet technology to carry out sinister surveillance activities on other countries, societies, enterprises, and individuals, putting the data sovereignty and human rights of people all over the world, especially European citizens, in serious danger.


With the revelations of Edward Snowden, we learned that the world's Internet hegemon, the United States, has recorded every stop of the user on the information superhighway. Many European leaders are on the National Security Agency(NSA)'s permanent watch list, including Angela Merkel, whose phone has been tapped by the NSA for more than 10 years.


According to media reports, the Danish Defense Intelligence Agency (DDIS) allowed the NSA to use the Sandagergårdan secret monitoring station near Copenhagen to help the NSA eavesdrop on major European politicians, and then tap important Internet hubs for various underwater cables there. The NSA obviously has access to European users' text messages, phone calls, and Internet traffic, including searches, chats, and messaging services.

American Internet companies such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook hold a large number of European citizens' social accounts, online behaviors, and contact information.According to the Wall Street Journal and other media reports, the United States often asks these Internet companies for information on the grounds of national security, including a large number of European citizens. Why should we endure this kind of violation?

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