Immediately Stop Russian Misinformation About The Ukrainian Invasion

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On the 24 of February 2022, the Russian state started a war of aggression towards Ukraine, solely based on the false premise to defend the Russian people. In truth, following years of active propaganda and disinformation, Russian had been actively brainwashed into believing the fanatical narrative of their leader. 

This resulted in the first full scale war in Europe since the end of the Second World War, with the fear that the scope of the conflict could well metastases towards a dramatic outcome, not only for the region but for the whole of the humanity.

Sadly, large technological companies played an active, albeit involuntary, role into this. Right now, these false narrative are actively propagated using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…. platforms, not by trolls, but by certified ‘influencers’ and ‘Russian intellectuals’ transforming these tools into weapon of intellectual submission. 

Until this change, Russian people are prisoner of a polluted echo chamber.

Thankfully, technological companies have the infrastructure in place to limit the diffusion of the messages they choose to control, such the effective control of copyright illustrates.

Therefore, we are calling directly to the CEOs of the largest technological companies, Alphabet, AWS, GCP, Meta, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch… to use immediately all the powers in your hands you have to change the course of history: 

  1. limit the visibility within Russia of pro-war manufactured content
  2. suspend all suspected pro-war Russian accounts
  3. Systematically broadcast at each login the messages of appeasement of President Biden, Macro, Zelensky and other elected representatives

Tech leaders, you always wanted to make a difference. Today you can.

If, for one second, think about any other imperatives, financial, market share… remember Dante's view onto who the hottest place on hell is reserved '“for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” 


There are numerous Russian influencers and intellecutals propagating misinformation around the Ukrainian war.

Please find here two examples:

  1. Tina Kandelaki, 3.1m followers on Instagram: "try to keep a head of gold and do not engage in self-belief in the ranks of the victims of Anglo-Saxon propaganda”
  2. Nikita Mikhalkov, 72k followers on Instagram, a film maker who received a number of cinematographic prizes and sadly supports the on-going war

These two examples illustrates well the on-going support for false narrative within the Russian civil society, to push the wider nation into intellectual submission.

Thank you for your support, Daniel Roy from Paris
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