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Help to establish the "green corridor" and evacuation from Mariupol. City is in BLOCKADE.

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Russian-Ukrainian war, that rages since 24.02.22, has already caused unbelievable pain and losses for Ukrainian people. Many of Ukrainians lost their homes, some of them had lost their lives, and others are on the verge of death.

City of Mariupol is under siege since 28.02.22, and, contrary to declarations, forces of Russian Federation had broke humanitarian ceasefire. Russian Armed Forces are keeping citizens of Mariupol as a hostages.

This atrocities can not continue!

We demand:

- immediate ceasefire in Mariupol and around it

- humanitarian mission that will be able to restore crucial services in city (electricity, heat and water supply)

- establishment of "green corridors" for delivery of humanitarian aid inside city under siege and for evacuation of civilians

- strict and decisive investigation for those responsible of previous ceasefire agreements

Please, help us save Mariupol NOW!

#greencorridorforMariupol #saveMariupolpeople #helpMariupol 


Humanitarian catastrophe in the city is imminent, innocent people are dying RIGHT NOW, city is on fire and nobody can put a stop to it. Meanwhile, Russian Armed Forces are pressing on, covering the evacuation routes for civilians with a landmines and bombing maternity hospitals, and Russian diplomats are forcing capitulation of Ukraine, using citizens of Mariupol as hostages.

Mariupol is my home. My city and people dying right now. I ask to talk about this situation.


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Civilians are trapped in maripol steel factory needs urgently assist

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