Grant EU protection scheme for students in Ukraine coming from non EU countries, too

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EU to extend the temporary protection directive to university students in Ukraine coming from a third country.

The European Union has agreed to trigger a never-before-used directive to grant temporary protection for Ukrainians fleeing the military aggression.

Unfortunately the university students who are coming from a non EU country are left out of this Temporary Protection Directive. Right now they need to go home.

The EU should extend the temporary protection directive to these non EU, non UA students as well.


Many talented students chose Ukraine for their studies. They had to save money in order to fly in and pay the expenses.

They speak several languages, they also learnt Russian, they study at reputable universities, they are highly motivated.

Now the war ripped everything from them. Right now they do not have the right to stay and carry on their studies in the EU. If they return to their home country they can't go on with their studies and they will be forever lost because of this war.

It is also our interest to keep these talented, brave students in the EU, let them carry on their studies without a break, and strengthen the relationship between countries by this.

Thank you for your support, Gabriella Magyar from Budapest
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